Adrian Efros about safety measures approved after the airport tragedy: ” Surveillance mechanisms for inadmissible persons on the territory of the country have been developed”

In an exclusive interview with MOLDPRES, Interior Minister Adrian Efros talked about the aftermath of last year’s tragedy at Chisinau International Airport, emphasizing the standardized operating procedures and effective monitoring mechanisms established to prevent similar incidents.

Efros outlined the comprehensive measures implemented at the airport, including the Action Plan for 2023-2024 approval, aimed at implementing recommendations from the thematic control commission. These measures encompassed the operationalization of public order and explosive intervention service, initiation of activities for the authorization of an aviation security training center, expansion of the video monitoring system, and development of detailed situational plans. Furthermore, were established standardized operating procedures to strengthen regulatory measures, complemented by effective surveillance mechanisms to monitor individuals deemed inadmissible within the country.

Furthermore, Efros highlighted efforts to ensure staff coverage, continuous recruitment and selection processes, and the provision of specialized equipment, such as explosive detection devices, to enhance security measures.


The minister’s remarks underscored the urgency of these initiatives following the tragic events of June 2023, wherein two individuals—a border policeman and an airport security employee—lost their lives in a shooting incident involving a foreign national who was denied entry into the country.

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