Where and what exercises US military troops will conduct in Moldova?

In the context of the military exercises on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, the US Embassy in Moldova comes with some details. Thus, according to officials, the military will parachute into the central and northern regions of the country.

“US and Moldovan Armed Forces Airborne Troops will participate in the coming weeks in a planned military exercise of airborne jumps and deployment of ground forces in the central and northern regions of the Republic of Moldova. The scope and scale of this exercise will depend on operational and weather circumstances. Multinational exercises between the United States and the Republic of Moldova are part of the ongoing collaboration between the military forces of our countries,” says the US Embassy in the Republic of Moldova.

More than 400 Moldovan military personnel will participate in the “Swift Response-2024” exercise led by the United States (US) command. The exercise will take place on the territory of the Republic of Moldova from 9 to 16 May this year.


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