Voters can apply to vote at home. CEC comes up with more details

From May 5, 2024, citizens can apply to vote at their residence place in new local elections and by-elections on May 19, 2024. The Central Electoral Commission announced it.

Thus, according to the electoral legislation, a voter who cannot come to the polling station premises for health or other compelling reasons may apply to the polling station for voting by the mobile ballot box. Requests must be made in writing, starting two weeks before polling day and up to 14:00 on the day before the polling day. On polling day, the polling station needs to approve the applications by 14.00 only on presentation of a medical certificate.

“Persons unable to apply to vote at their place of residence themselves have the right to do so through a member of their family or to request the assistance of the social worker at the town hall. If, due to physical disability, illness, or other good reasons, the voter can not sign the application to vote at the polling station in person, he or she may submit an oral application at the polling station. If the application cannot be submitted in person orally at the polling station, it may be submitted by telephone. On election day, the president of the polling station’s electoral bureau shall appoint at least two members of the bureau, who shall travel with a mobile ballot box and the necessary voting materials to the voter’s location for the voter to vote,” the CEC states.


We remind you that on May 19, 2024, new local elections will be held for a new composition of local councils in the localities of Cairaclia and Salcia, Taraclia Rayon, Chioselia Russian, and Cotovscoe in ATU Gagauzia, as well as for the election of the mayor in Tirnova commune, Dondușeni rayon, Bucovăț town, Straseni rayon, Sagaidac village, Cimislia rayon and Hănăsenii Noi commune, Leova rayon.

Also on the same day, partial elections will be held for the position of mayor in the localities of Chioselia Russian and Cotovscoe in ATU Gagauzia, as well as partial elections for a new composition of the local council of Cealic commune, Taraclia rayon.

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