The country’s leadership came with congratulatory messages on Press Freedom Day

Maia Sandu, Igor Grosu, and Dorin Recean addressed messages to journalists in the Republic of Moldova for World Press Freedom Day on 3 May.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu congratulated all journalists who do their work honestly and serve the public interest.

“To be an honest journalist is to be a free journalist. We need as many well-trained journalists as possible, free to inform citizens about what is important for society and courageous in exposing acts of corruption no matter who commits them. A free press is the guarantee of a democratic society”, said the President.

Igor Grosu, President of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, also came with a message of thanks to all media representatives.


“Thanks to all the representatives of the press who do their job fairly, honorably, those who inform the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, and I say this not as President of the Parliament, I say this as a citizen who starts every day reading the press. Tens of thousands of people like me do the same thing and need to be correctly informed. That is why we continue to rely on your effort to inform correctly and on your effort to combat lies and propaganda. Together, we will succeed in moving towards a free, peaceful, rich – European – world,” the politician wrote in a social media post.

The country’s prime minister, Dorin Recean, congratulated journalists who embrace truth and European values.

“A society that respects and protects journalists embraces truth and European values. When democracy is threatened by the elements of a hybrid war – disinformation and propaganda, we rely on a free and independent press to provide us with truthful and unbiased information. On International Press Freedom Day, we stand with those who bring truth into our homes,” the official said.

In a world where information may be distorted, freedom of the press emphasizes the significance of the right to speak, be heard, be informed, and be protected.

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