“Hanul lui Hanganu” – the agritourism developed with the help of grants offered by the Government and the European Union

Sergiu Hanganu opened the guesthouse “Hanul lui Hanganu” in his hometown, Lalova, Rezina district, more than 20 years ago. It started as a family business and later expanded. It currently employs six people, and the number of workers increases in the summer. 

The guesthouse offers accommodation services, preserving authenticity and traditional elements inherited from the ancestors and local cuisine. The entrepreneur has modernized his business thanks to non-reimbursable funding from the Moldovan Government and the European Union. 

“With the support of ODA, we have accessed several funds from several programs: the Greening Program, Small and Medium Enterprises, and PARE 1+2 Program. We installed the wastewater treatment plant, which was necessary for our guesthouse, worth 200 thousand lei. We participated in the PARE 1+2 program because the children went abroad, and we won the project for 247 thousand lei for the transformation line. We are grateful to the European Union for the funds given to the Republic of Moldova, which also reached us, and we implemented many good things”, says the entrepreneur. 


“Hanul lui Hanganu” is an example of how Moldovan entrepreneurs can take advantage of opportunities offered by government programs. 

As a reminder, the European Union financially supports the government’s entrepreneurship support programs. The EU offered an €8 million grant agreement signed in 2023 by the European Union Delegation and the Organisation for the Development of Entrepreneurship (ODA).

To know more about the ODA’s entrepreneurship support programs and instruments, visit www.oda.md.

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