Airport tender: PPA wants to change the law, and tender conditions and adjust the specifications

The Public Property Agency (PPA) plans to relaunch the Airport tender with adjusted participation conditions. Specifications also will be modified.

The PPA will suggest including additional detailed explanations of participation criteria in the documents, leaving no room for interpretation. Also, PPA proposes reducing the number of airports where participants must demonstrate activity from 10 to 7. They will propose dividing the tender into two distinct sections based on location, allocating one section for shops and another for restaurants.

Additionally, they will propose extending the lease term for successful companies from 3 to 5 years. The initial 3-year term was based on existing legal rules. To address the limitation of a maximum 3-year contract in leasing airport premises, the PPA will present proposals to the Parliament to amend the law, including “Chisinau International Airport” in the list of non-passable assets for privatization. The amendment will also ensure that the airport remains in state ownership. The auction will begin once the legislation on non-passable assets for privatization is amended.

Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development (MIDR) Andrei Spinu announced the cancellation of the first tender due to insufficient competition, with only two companies, “LeBridge” and “Lagardere,” submitting applications. MIDR announced a new tender, but only Lagardere submitted a bid. Despite extending the application deadline, other companies chose not to participate.

According to previous reports of Chisinau International Airport, “if only one candidate remains at the end of the extended deadline for submission of documents, “the organizer of the auction will consider the announced procedure completed, according to the Regulation on the procedure of auction” of leasing out unused property, approved by Government Decision No. 483 of 29. 03.03.2008, along with the Regulation on early and discount auctions, approved by Government Decision No. 483 of 29.03.2008, No. 136 of 10.02.2009,” Chisinau International Airport stated in a press release.


Although the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation and requested copies of documents, citing possible schemes and abuse of office, Chisinau International Airport representatives previously told Realitatea that the auction is not suspended or canceled.

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