More gas for next winter! Moldova will increase its security stock

Moldova will increase its energy security stocks. Specifically, the authorities are preparing to buy more gas than last year’s cold season to top it up.

The regulations establishing the gradual creation of security stocks, according to the quantities set by the government, are to be amended. So, the gas amount in security stocks will be raised by 1.5 million cubic meters from 1 October 2024.

Thus, the amount of gas we will store to maintain our energy security will increase from 45.6 million cubic meters (equivalent to 8 days of consumption) to 47.1 million cubic meters (equivalent to 10 days of consumption).


“The exact amount of 47.1 million m3, which corresponds to the consumption of natural gas during ten days of consumption for the previous calendar winter period 01.12.2023-29.02.2024, is determined based on calculations of the National Agency for Energy Regulation,” the Ministry of Energy says.

Once the specific amount of natural gas needed for security stocks is determined, the financial resources to cover the costs will be identified. Priority will go to allocating funds from the funding contributions paid by suppliers on the retail gas market, as outlined in the current regulations.

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