Alarming Cases of Forced Minor Recruitment on the Left Bank of the Dniester

“The phenomenon of abductions continues on the left bank of the Dniester,” and high school students under the age of 18 are being enrolled against their will. This was stated by the lawyer of the Promo-LEX Association, Pavel Cazacu, as reported by Ș

“These attempts at recruitment or forced enrollment in the Transnistrian army are being registered. Moreover, they start receiving notices from the age of 15-16, and the school administration continues to send citations or summons to provide a list of students of a certain age who can be subsequently enrolled,” the lawyer said.

Cazacu also mentioned that both Promo-LEX and the Office of the People’s Advocate are aware of specific cases that they have brought to the attention of the Committee of Ministers.

“We continue to represent these plaintiffs. It is in everyone’s interest for these decisions to be executed, and these ongoing issues, even though, as I mentioned, there is not such a widespread violation of human rights in terms of schools. There are still issues, such as citations or these summonses, the poor infrastructure of school buildings. These are problems that need to be addressed and taken into account when comparing the current ones with those from the early 2000s,” Cazacu added.”


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