Almost a thousand farmers came out to protest in several regions of the country

The Farmers’ Force Association organized a regional warning protest with agricultural equipment in 15 places. Around a thousand people from 20 districts participated. At the same time, more than 250 units of agricultural machinery and approximately 100 cars were pulled to the side of the road.

A group of fruit growers from Briceni and Edineț districts also participated in today’s demonstrations.

“The protest was peaceful, with exclusively economic demands, the vast majority of which can be implemented immediately without affecting the state budget. No road traffic was blocked. The farmers did not allow the political forces to even try to use the event for petty purposes,” announced the Farmers’ Force.


At the same time, the farmers demand respect for the branch, deeply affected simultaneously by the drought, political embargo, exorbitant prices of the resources necessary for agricultural production and ridiculous prices for agricultural raw materials.

“We request the execution of the promises of the Minister of Agriculture regarding the support measures for the affected agricultural producers and we cannot tolerate the refusal of the Prime Minister to dialogue with the representatives of the strategic branch of the national economy. At all the meetings today, the farmers insisted that if our signal will not be heard, we reserve the right to continue the protests already with the agricultural equipment in motion, including the movement to the capital”, added those from Forța Fermierilor.

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