An exhibition about ghost villages was inaugurated at the National Art Museum

Until October 9, the National Art Museum of Moldova will host the photography exhibition “Between Heaven and Earth”, signed by the visual artist Aurel Cepoi. Through the images captured in ghost villages in the Republic of Moldova, the author addresses a current and painful topic for our country: migration and depopulation of localities.

Director Tudor Zbârnea says that the exhibition addresses a current theme: the former safe haven of people, which was then left behind in search of a better life.

“For this year’s European Heritage Days, we highlight the sustainability and valorization of heritage. The exhibition has an artistic expression full of honesty, a composition of objects that were part of people’s lives. It’s about an abandoned shelter that challenges you to think about those who once owned them and their relationship with them,” said Tudor Zbârnea.


Artist Aurel Cepoi said that the project started during the pandemic, when public space was closed to many. Together with his wife, he went through the abandoned villages in Moldova and, with the permission of the local public authorities, he was able to enter abandoned houses, discovering another world, the unseen and unspoken one in the public space.

“It’s a story about the good-for-nothing luggage without a handle, or I wanted to show a bit of our irony, about those who leave behind the icon, which was once sacred to the family. I tried to convey the atmosphere of abandoned houses from the perspective of the remaining, abandoned objects, objects that take the place of people. It is a project about the reflection of the existence of Moldovans in their material rush.”

Aurel Cepoi, born on July 25, 1968, in the village of Ochiul Alb, Drochia district, graduated from the village school in 1985 and the Chisinau Polytechnic Institute in 1992. A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, the artist takes photographs out of passion, mainly projects with impact documentary.

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