Farmers protest: If we are not heard, we reserve the right for other protest actions

The Farmers’ Force reiterates that on Tuesday, September 20, it will organize an economic warning protest throughout the country, in which farmers will participate with agricultural machinery and equipment. The farmers announce that the demands have not changed.

“Given that the agricultural sector is simultaneously deeply affected by the drought, the Russian embargo, the exorbitant prices for the resources necessary for agricultural production and ridiculous prices for raw materials, our organization continues to insist on the decision of the Extraordinary Situations Commission, which would legislate:

  1. postponement of payments due to creditors without calculating penalties for affected farmers (with the exception of lease payments for agricultural land);
  2. the use of fiscal instruments in order to support the affected agricultural producers, in particular the granting of the right to use VAT from the account for the payment of taxes and contributions;
  3. addressing external partners to identify financial resources for the purpose of paying compensation to the affected farmers”, the farmers’ message states.

The protest will be organized regionally, in a few regions and with the stationing of a limited number of technical units and agricultural machinery.

“We hope that after tomorrow’s demonstration we will see real progress in achieving our demands. In the event that our signal will not be heard by the competent authorities, we reserve the right for other protest actions, including moving agricultural machinery to the capital,” the farmers say.


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