Andrei Spînu: Chisinau will sue Gazprom for non-execution of the contract

The government will sue the Russian concern Gazprom. The announcement was made by the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Andrei Spînu, in an interview for DW. The given decision was taken due to the significant decrease in natural gas supplies.

“The fact that we have to buy gas and electricity from the market is Gazprom’s fault, and our lawyers are already dealing with these details, in order to sue the Russian concern for non-execution of the contract. And we will also ask for collateral compensation, because, because of them, we had to reallocate money from other segments, take loans… We signed a contract with Gazprom and relied on that contract. We are not in October 2021 when our contract with Gazprom expired. Then they could tell us that they don’t want to sign with us anymore. But now we have a contract in force and Gazprom did not ask for its termination. He didn’t even ask for the volume to be reduced. Nothing. They simply ignore their commitments. And he will pay for it,” declared Spînu.


He also stated to the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development that in the last year those from Gazprom have shown us that they are capable of anything.

“The energy crisis that Moldova is going through now is generated by Gazprom-Kremlin. And I want to be heard when I say it. If this concern would honor its contractual commitments with Moldova today, the energy crisis would disappear and everyone would have gas and energy”, the official added.

We remind you that at the beginning of December, Chisinau clapped hands with the alleged authorities from Tiraspol, offering the Transnistrian region the entire volume of gas delivered by Gazprom. Instead, the constitutional authorities obtained a lower electricity purchase price for the right bank of the Dniester, of 73 dollars/MW, by signing the contract with MGRES.

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