ANRE starts the reception of applications for renewable energy sources use projects

The National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) announces the opening of the procedure for receiving applications to confirm the status of eligible producer and the allocation of quotas for electricity at fixed rates produced from renewable energy sources, as follows:

– from April 1st 2022 for applicants with projects based on non-intermittent renewable sources (biomass, biogas, singas and hydro)

– from April 8th, 2022 – applicants with projects based on wind energy

– from April 15th, 2022 – applicants with projects based on solar energy

In accordance with the legal provisions in the field, on February 25th, 2022, ANRE approved fixed tariffs and ceiling prices for electricity produced from renewable energy sources. The limit, the maximum capacity quotas for each category and technology in part were previously approved by Government Decision no. 401 of 08.12.2021.

Thus, ANRE will confirm the status of non-discriminatory eligible producer and within the quotas established by the Government.

The procedure for submitting the application and confirming the status of eligible producer will be carried out in strict accordance with the Regulation on the confirmation of the status of eligible producer approved by ANRE Decision no. 251/2019 of 5 July 2019 (hereinafter – the Regulation) and based on the principle “first come, first served”.

Finally, it should be noted that the process of receiving applications will be provided by ANRE employees, with the assistance of representatives of government institutions as appropriate.

Likewise, the representatives of the civil society can participate in the process of submitting the applications by notifying them in advance by email:

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