APPROVED: ID cards will be replaced by new ones. When will this take effect?

Nationwide identity cards will replace both identity cards and residence permits for foreign citizens. The draft was approved in its second reading by 79 MEPs.

The Public Services Agency (PSA) drafted the legislative initiative to harmonise national legislation with the European Union acquis. The initiative aims to put into circulation new types of identity documents that contain an advanced level of data security. These documents would facilitate the holder’s access to multiple public services. The documents will enable Moldovan citizens to travel freely within the EU.

“The identity card will be mandatory for all Moldovan citizens aged 14 and above. It can also be used for international travel under agreements. Currently, Moldovan citizens can travel to Turkey and Ukraine using their ID cards. It is important to note that all identity cards, provisional identity cards, and residence cards will be written in both Romanian and English. The documents will not include information about the holder’s domicile or temporary residence. This data will be available on the government platform MConnect. Holders will no longer need to change their identity documents when they move residence,” Parliament’s press release states.

Identity cards and residence cards contain printed and technically embossed data, as well as electronic data and personalisation and security features.

“They will issue passports with varying validity periods: four years for those aged 0-7, seven years for those aged 7-14, ten years for those aged 14-70, and unlimited validity for those over 70. The identity and residence cards will incorporate an electronic data storage medium containing both paper and biometric data, such as facial images and fingerprints, as well as the means of qualified electronic signatures and public key certificates. This will facilitate access to e-government and e-business services for document holders,” adds the Moldovan Parliament.


The legislative changes will come into effect once the technical conditions for issuing identity and residence cards are met, but no later than 31 March 2025. After publication in the Official Gazette, the Government will submit proposals to Parliament within six months to align existing legislation.

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