Armenian Prime Minister Explores Historic Manuc Bey Manor: Strengthening Cultural Ties in Moldova

Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinian, paid a visit to the Manuc Bey Manor in the city of Hîncești on Thursday, June 1, following his participation in the European Political Community (EPC) Summit. The official was warmly welcomed with wine, bread, and salt, a traditional gesture of hospitality.

Photographs capturing the visit were shared on the official page of the Hîncești District Council.

“He had the pleasure of visiting the IP District Center for Culture, ‘Manuc Bey Manor,’ where he met with the Armenian diaspora in the Republic of Moldova. It is worth mentioning that it is the first time a foreign Prime Minister has visited this architectural complex, providing an additional opportunity to promote regional tourist attractions,” the message stated.


At the end of the visit, as a sign of friendship, the Armenian Prime Minister donated a painting on natural canvas by a famous Armenian artist to the museum of the “Manuc Bey Manor” Complex.

It should be noted that on Thursday, June 1, Moldova hosted the European Political Community (EPC) Summit, held at the MIMI Castle in the village of Bulboaca, Anenii Noi district. Approximately 50 European leaders gathered, reaffirming their support for the European aspirations of Moldova and Ukraine, and discussed matters of security, energy, and continental stability.

The inaugural European Political Community Summit took place in 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic, bringing together leaders from 44 European countries.

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