Arms trafficking from Ukraine, a danger to Moldova

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița warns that the Republic of Moldova needs more support from Brussels, in the context of increasing attempts to traffic people and weapons from Ukraine. The statements were made in an interview she had with the Financial Times.

“We don’t want to become a country where security threats are increasing”, Gavrilița said.

The cited source also writes that the danger of illegal trafficking of weapons and people from Ukraine to the European Union has persisted since the beginning of the war. In response, Brussels set up an “assistance center” based in the Republic of Moldova in an attempt to track and stop smuggling attempts. That initiative, claims Natalia Gavrilița, had a good result, but more support is needed.


“This is an area of mutual interest and benefit. We want to contribute to European security, not just be beneficiaries”, the prime minister also specified.

According to the Financial Times, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița will sign joint agreements with the EU on fiscal cooperation and health agreements this week. At the same time, trade liberalization and access to the roaming area will be discussed.

“These actions would show the Moldovan people the real benefits of being a candidate country for the EU,” said Gavrilița.

We specify that between February 4 and 8, Natalia Gavrilița is on a working visit to Brussels, where she will participate in the 7th meeting of the EU-Republic of Moldova Association Council. For the first time, our country will be present at this event as a candidate state for joining the European Union.

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