Moldovan rescuers – ready to intervene in Turkey!

The Republic of Moldova is ready to intervene in the rescue of the victims of the devastating earthquake produced this morning in Turkey and Syria. Thus, a team specialized in Urban Search and Rescue (urban search and rescue), of the IGSU, is ready for intervention with 55 rescuers, with 12 fully autonomous intervention vehicles and 2 search dogs.

“According to the European Disaster Intervention Mechanism, the Republic of Moldova is currently on hold. As early as this morning, the IGSU transmitted the availability for the intervention in Turkey to the European Union Emergency Response Coordination Center and the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Center, to provide support to the Government of Turkey, in search missions- rescuing the victims of the earthquake this morning. The team’s participation was approved by the president of the Extraordinary Situations Commission of the Republic of Moldova and they are going to arrive in the area affected by the earthquake, by air”.


At the same time, the Republic of Moldova requested the EU and NATO to provide a plane to transport the rescue team and the necessary equipment to the disaster site.

“Following the earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter scale that hit the center of Turkey and northwestern Syria, the Republic of Moldova received the official request of the Government of Turkey and submitted the aid offer to the European Union and NATO mechanisms responsible for coordinating assistance in disaster case. The team of the Republic of Moldova for search and rescue in urban environments is to be activated for at least 7 days in the affected area in Turkey”, the informative note of the IGSU also states.

Therefore, once the Republic of Moldova’s request for help is accepted and a transport plane is identified, the rescue team will fly to the disaster site.

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