VIDEO RLIVE TV – new products on the TV grid. Your uncensored Television – on the “Must Carry” list

RLIVE TV was included by the Audiovisual Council in the list of “Must Carry” audiovisual media services for the year 2023. Thus, retransmission of the channel is mandatory for cable media service distributors.

Realitatea Group is currently the only player on the Moldovan media market, with a presence online and on TV, with news sites dedicated and adapted to all types of target audience, in Romanian, Russian, English, and UNCENSORED.

“I am extremely happy that after a year’s effort to adjust to the conditions, RLIVE TV has been included in the “Must Carry” list. It was an effort of the entire team to ensure public utility and strengthen citizens’ access to uncensored TV content through live broadcasts of public interest events. The promotion of the domestic product will always be the main priority of RLIVE TV. We are very happy that we have the opportunity to offer a different product” – Dumitru Țîra, founder of the Realitatea Press Group.

From February 1, the RLIVE TV grid has been updated. Six new projects were introduced and thus the transition from online to television. Currently, RLIVE TV broadcasts more than 20 independent media projects, including four products made by the Realitatea Press Group (Rezoomat, 10 lei, Территория свободы and ARBI in Action) and the only news bulletin in the country, dedicated exclusively to people with hearing impairments.

“A recognition of our work is the inclusion of RLIVE TV in the ‘Must Carry’ list. In other words, our presence is mandatory for all cable operators. Anyway, the primary objective of television is information, and that’s why we will continue to broadcast live the most important socio-political events. RLIVE TV is in a permanent development process, in order to inform correctly and operatively” – Sergiu Scobioală, general producer of RLIVE TV.


In the new RLIVE TV grid you will find six more podcasts, informative medical and parenting shows, broadcast thanks to collaboration agreements with and Creator Point.

“Priority no. 1 of the team of Realitatea journalists is to inform the public correctly and equidistantly, providing live access to the most important events. The only difference is the form of information transmission: written, through images, or through video. We sincerely thank the institutions that are open to investing in informing the public and transmitting the message directly offline, but also online, on TV, and through Realitatea platforms. The development of the Realitatea group in the field of communication continues, and the results are visible both qualitatively and quantitatively” – Otilia Cotruța, executive director of the Realitatea Press Group.

We broadcast live the most important social, economic, cultural, and political events in the country, conferences, and meetings, with news bulletins at the end of each hour, fillers, and informative and educational columns for various ages and fields of interest.

“Today, in the media space, there is a lot of talk about censorship, we often hear that a media institution is accused of serving certain interests. RLIVE TV is a TV station where absolutely all events are broadcast live, the image is unedited, and the viewer can find out the information in real-time. At RLIVE TV we can follow the activity of the Parliament, the Government, opposition protests, press conferences, and the images are live, not staged, not taken out of context” – Valentina Canașina, editor-in-chief of the Realitatea Press Group.

RLIVE TV is present online, on the websites,,,,,,,,, ,,,, in a convenient widget, on the main and news pages, and the shows and news can also be followed on the most popular social media platforms in Moldova: Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, Linkedin, TikTok, etc.

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