Artistic Performance ‘Lullaby for Pain’ by Nadya Izosimova: A Fusion of Sincerity, Music, and Cosmic Exploration

On Saturday, September 2nd, at 7:00 PM, in the Mediacor parking lot, awaits you #Lullaby – an artistic performance featuring music, theatrical play, and light projections.

At the core of the performance lies the concept of the personal exhibition ‘Lullaby for Pain’ by Nadya Izosimova. However, what awaits you at the event is not just about acting. It’s about sound, meditation, and projecting dreams onto walls to the rhythms of the songs ‘Cosmos în Buzunar’ and ‘Murmur de Izvar,’ with a glass of wine under the moonlight.

A combination of theatrical play, painting, music, and light play awaits you:

  • Artistic performance ‘Lullaby for Pain’ by Nadya Izosimova, Olga Braga, Alexandra Soshniсova, Irina Pavlovskaya (15-30 minutes);
  • Audio-visual show by Cosmos în Buzunar & Murmur de Izvar;
  • Projections by Riift Studio.

The artistic performance ‘Lullaby for Pain’ involves authentic movement, sound, and sensory improvisation, dedicated to pain – through internalization, experiencing, and transforming it into liberation. The show is part of Nadya Izosimova’s personal exhibition.

Nadya Izosimova, visual artist: “Performance is an art form where sincerity and vulnerability take on superlative forms. The intense experience of emotions in front of the audience cannot leave anyone indifferent. I believe that this is where its uniqueness lies. It’s a live, unrepeatable interaction. A vibrant and deliberate artistic process.”

Pavel Olari, musician: “The main theme in our songs is the human being itself. Humanity. We have nothing to do with the cosmos except in the name. ‘Cosmos în Buzunar’ (Cosmos in the Pocket) isn’t about the cosmos with planets and stars, but about the cosmos within us, the people. Our universe, which is very rich, existence, emotions, thoughts. Everything that actually makes us human. That’s what we will experience on Saturday, September 2nd.

Tickets are available here.


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