As of today, Moldova will have a shortage of electricity

Starting today, October 24, due to Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s power system and the reduction of gas volumes by Gazprom, our country will have a shortage of electricity. The commercial contracts signed by SA Energocom will not cover all consumption between 07:00 and 23:00, states the Minister of Regional Infrastructure, Andrei Spînu.

“Between these hours, in the coming days we must do our best to save as much as possible. Each of us can help. If we act in solidarity and responsibility there will be no need to disconnect anyone. Addressing entrepreneurs and the business environment: turn off advertising or decorative lighting, change production hours, use individual generators where possible. Each of you, as you have built the business, so you can now contribute to get through this period well. No disconnections are planned”, stated Andrei Spînu.

The Deputy Prime Minister specified that, in the coming days, the Government will identify and sign electricity supply contracts with other suppliers.

“Moldovagaz has allocated more gas for MGRES and we will identify resources for the coming days as well. We will adopt measures to save electricity. I promise that I will come back daily with information regarding the situation in which we find ourselves. We have one goal, to keep the country connected to energy resources. We can only succeed if we act as a whole”, said Andrei Spînu.


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