Bogdan Aurescu warns the UN: Maia Sandu’s statements regarding destabilization must be taken seriously

Maia Sandu’s statements regarding destabilization must be taken seriously, says the head of diplomacy across the Prut, Bogdan Aurescu. At a meeting with the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, the Romanian Foreign Minister assured that Bucharest will continue to support the Republic of Moldova.

Aurescu also referred to the current context of Moldova’s integration into the European Union. He also spoke with the head of the UN about the situation on the left side of the Dniester.

“The Romanian Foreign Minister pointed out that the very recent statements of the President of the Republic of Moldova, which referred to Russian plans to destabilize the neighboring state, must be treated with all seriousness. He showed that Romania supported, supports and will continue to support the stability of the Republic of Moldova in a concrete and solidary way, on all dimensions, including in the current context, as well as its integration into the European Union. The two high-ranking officials also exchanged views on the prospects for resolving the Transnistrian file,” reads a message published by the MAE from Bucharest.


On Monday, Maia Sandu revealed information such as that destabilization was being prepared in Moldova, including with the participation of diversionists. Last week, while at the Council of the European Union, Vladimir Zelenski said that he had transmitted to him secret data, obtained by Ukrainian espionage, about “Russia’s plan to destroy Moldova”.

As a reaction, NATO said that there is no information that Russia could try to attack Moldova, but only to discourage the country’s pro-European vector. And the White House said that it has no information about possible actions on behalf of Moldova, while Russia rejected the accusations, suggesting Chisinau “to be friends”.

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