Brussels Summit: Crucial EU Decision on Moldova and Ukraine Accession Sparks Anticipation

This Thursday and Friday in Brussels, the European Union will decide on the initiation of accession negotiations with Moldova and Ukraine. The outcome, requiring unanimous approval, will significantly impact these countries’ path to EU membership. REALITATEA correspondent Ileana Pîrgaru will cover the two-day event.

The European Council meeting on December 14-15, 2023, is poised to shape the history of Moldova, irrespective of the decision by EU leaders.

Prior to the event, Moldova’s Foreign Affairs Chief, Nicu Popescu, engaged with EU officials in Brussels, fueling anticipation. G4Media reports suggest the EU will open negotiations with Moldova and Ukraine, while granting Georgia candidate country status. However, Hungary’s opposition adds an element of suspense.

EU Council President Charles Michel, in an interview with Europa Liberă, indicated strong support for Ukraine and Moldova, with optimism for a positive decision by the majority of EU states.

Moldova’s journey towards Europe spans over 30 years, marked by milestones like the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (1994), Moldova-EU Action Plan (2005), and visa-free travel since 2014. The 2022 candidacy followed the signing of the Association Agreement and was influenced by the Ukraine conflict.

Stay tuned for updates as the EU shapes the future for Moldova and Ukraine on December 14-15.


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