Bucharest Parliament creates a department for the integration of Moldova into the EU

In a move to strengthen the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the European Union (EU), the Bucharest Parliament has established a department to support the country’s path to EU accession. The decision comes after a resolution supporting the Moldovan accession to the EU was adopted by lawmakers from both Chisinau and Bucharest.

The 9th Joint Committee Meeting for Integration was held in Chisinau, where members of the committee agreed that 2023 is a crucial year for the country’s EU aspirations. The new department is expected to provide advice to the Moldovan Parliament and other institutions in Chisinau, to accelerate the necessary internal reforms required for the accession process.

“The implementation of the nine recommendations from the European Commission is crucial for the decision of the European Council regarding the opening of accession negotiations,” the resolution stated, praising the efforts made by the Moldovan government and parliament to implement the recommendations.


The Joint Committee for European Integration between the Moldovan Parliament and the Romanian Parliament was established in 2010, and it includes ten members from each legislative body. As per the CCIE regulations, the committee meets twice a year, alternating between Moldova and Romania.

The establishment of the department shows the strong commitment of Romania towards the EU accession of the Republic of Moldova, which has been a long-standing goal for the country. It is hoped that the department’s expertise will help to accelerate the necessary reforms and bring Moldova closer to EU membership.

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