Bureau of Politics and Reintegration spoke out about the “drone” attack in Transnistria

The recent incident in Tiraspol involving a military helicopter contains obvious elements of video editing, the Bureau of Politics and Reintegration has said.

According to the press release by the agency, the inconsistencies were revealed after a thorough analysis of the video, which was actively disseminated by the Left Bank media. In particular, it is noted that there was no drone on the territory of the military unit in Tiraspol, and the helicopter fire that occurred on March 17 was caused by other factors.

“The incident was deliberately provoked to create panic and maintain tension in society on both banks of the Nistru River,” the Political and Reintegration Bureau said.

The agency also noted that in the coming period, the Russian Federation plans more such actions in the Transnistrian region of Moldova.


“Moldova’s competent authorities, in cooperation with external partners, are closely monitoring the situation in the region to preserve stability and prevent new challenges,” the Bureau said.

Recall that on March 17, Transnistrian media reported an explosion and a fire on the territory of a military unit in Tiraspol. According to First Transnistrian, the explosion was the result of a drone attack.

At the same time, the Reintegration Bureau called it a fake. The office called on experts to study photos and videos from the location of the incident in Tiraspol. It concluded that the photo of the burned helicopter had been retouched and that the drone had been “attached” to the video of the explosion.

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