Can the rain in August save agricultural crops? Response from experts

The drought in recent months has contributed to a significant reduction in the level of agricultural production. The recent rains have somewhat improved the situation, but for some crops it is already late.

For example, sunflower production has been compromised by up to 70% and cannot be saved, but for autumn crops these rains are welcome. This is the opinion of the director of the Research Institute for Field Crops “Selecţia”, Boris Boincean.

“Practically, I think that somewhere around two-thirds of the soybean production is lost, and these rains will only allow one-third of the grain to feel better. With corn, the situation is clear. Practically, throughout the whole territory of Moldova, corn production was compromised. And that is why it will be or has already been harvested in many cases in the green stage.

In this way, the soil can be prepared for the sowing of autumn crops. These rains are very beneficial for autumn crops, to prepare the soil for sowing autumn crops. Until now, it was impossible to work the soil because the tools could not dig into the dry soil”, Boris Boincean told


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