Maia Sandu visited Bălți, taking road reparations under special control

Today, Maia Sandu paid a working visit to the municipality of Balti, where she met the mayor of the city, Nicolae Grigorișin. The officials discussed about the problems of the region.

In a post on his Facebook page, the mayor of Balti wrote that he informed the head of state about the “plans and street repair works being carried out in the municipality”. Also, about the “special status of the city”.

“During a working visit to the cities of Moldova, Maia Sandu also visited the municipality of Bălți. Mrs. President came to meet entrepreneurs and state enterprises, as well as visited the City Hall of Balți. There, a working session was held on the most important issues related to the problems of our city. The first issue we discussed was the granting of special status to the municipality of Balti.

I also touched on the topic of the major repair of Kyiv Street. This matter is under the special control of the President. I told her that we plan to build a new road on Contractor Street. This will significantly relieve the central road of the city. Another important issue we discussed is the subsidies and delegation of powers of the “DRSU” deputy, as some changes have been made to the current legislation. Overall, the meeting was constructive and fruitful,” the mayor’s announcement reads.

The head of state also visited some media institutions in Balti, where she gave an interview.


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