Candlelight dinner with wine and dishes cooked over an open fire. This is how the Earth Hour will be celebrated at Castel Mimi

To mark in a special way Earth Hour, an event held annually, worldwide, on the last Saturday of March, Castel Mimi is organizing a special dinner, which will take place exclusively by candlelight. Electricity will be switched off in Castel Mimi’s kitchen not only for the duration of the event, but in advance, and the chefs will cook dinner over an open fire.

“On March 24, we’re turning off all the lights in the courtyard, castle, and restaurant, and we’re expecting you, your family, and loved ones for a candlelight dinner. All dishes for the meal will be cooked by our chefs over an open fire, using no electricity or gas,” wrote Castel Mimi in a post on social media.

Evening guests who choose to mark Earth Hour by attending an exclusive candlelight dinner will be treated to a rich menu and select wines, and live music played on the harp will play throughout the evening in the restaurant.


The event supports the protection of our Planet by saving electricity and urges the people of our country to be part of a community for which the environment and the future of the Earth are a priority!

To find out more about the menu and entrance fee, you can call 062 00 1893 or click on the link.

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