Moldova-NATO conducted an energy security exercise. Parlicov: Make sure the infrastructure is not under attack

Experts from NATO and the Republic of Moldova participated in the Coherent Resilience 2024 Moldova (CORE-24 M) exercise. The event occurred in Chisinau from 12th to 14th March 2024.

Through the event, the authorities aimed to deepen collaboration between energy operators in Moldova and cyber protection institutions. According to the Ministry of Energy, the government is preparing the country to face unconventional security threats.

” NATO has a significant civilian cooperation dimension and a lengthy history of collaboration with Moldova. In the energy sector, digitisation presents new opportunities but also significant risks and threats. It is important to safeguard our civilian energy infrastructure from malicious attacks,” Energy Minister Victor Parlicov said.


The exercise was attended by ministries, government agencies, and the private sector to enhance cooperation. The delegation from Romania joined the exercise, which had over 100 participants from 10 countries and 32 institutions.

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