Video Spinu has announced the amount of money and number of years required to modernise Moldova’s railway system

Infrastructure Minister Andrei Spinu stated that the Republic of Moldova requires three billion euros to modernise its railway network.

“The calculation is straightforward. It will require €3 billion to rebuild all the necessary infrastructure, and the programme is expected to take 15 to 20 years to complete. To clarify, the programme is a long-term one, which is the reality,” Spinu announced their announcement after the Railway Forum.

During the event, a renovation plan was presented. France has expressed its willingness to support the process. Following the meeting, letters of intent were signed to initiate discussions.

The French funding will prioritise the digitisation of services, and procurement of rolling stock, wagons, locomotives, and maintenance equipment. According to Andrei Spînu, a decision on the allocation of the funds provided by France is expected in the next few months.


The minister stated that the funding provided may be in the form of grants or loans. Additionally, Moldova plans to seek assistance from European authorities to aid in the modernisation of its railways.

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