Caste Mimi Launches the Campaign ‘Choose Wines from Native Varietals’

On the 130th anniversary of its founding, Castel Mimi, one of the most beautiful 15 wineries in the world, is launching a campaign to promote wines made from native grape varieties. Through such initiatives, we aim to increase the plantations of Moldovan vines, achieve a higher wine production, and thus, through exports, make our grape varieties known worldwide.

Castel Mimi has demonstrated in recent years that wines made from native grape varieties can easily compete with international ones. We have launched five wines created exclusively from native grape varieties – Sfăditele, Sânzienele, Rară Neagră Rose, Fetească Neagră, and Rară Neagră, blends that use combinations of grapes from native varieties.

We can confidently say that we have succeeded in producing wines that please our compatriots and foreigners who have tried them. We will continue to gain the trust of consumers both at home and abroad by producing even more wine from native grape varieties. To achieve this, we will expand vine plantations and create blends that combine foreign and native grape varieties. And to introduce ourselves to more foreigners, we will present our wines made from native grape varieties at international exhibitions and prioritize them for export.

Because the symbols of our country and our traditions are held in high esteem at Castel Mimi, we have reproduced some of them on the labels of bottles in the Classic wine series. Each symbol has a special interpretation and significance.
For example, the spiral represented on the bottle of white wine Sânzienele is nothing more than the dance performed on the night of Sânziene, a religious holiday that describes the movement of the sun and the passage of time.

Meanwhile, the comb imprinted on the bottle of Rose Rară Neagră signifies the ill thoughts of a woman, which are forgotten through combing her hair. It is an extraordinary and sensual rose, emanating femininity.

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, on the labels of Rara Neagră bottles from Castel Mimi, you have the symbol of “mâini în șold” (hands on hips), commonly found on traditional Romanian attire, symbolizing feminine and maternal authority. The association with Rara Neagră comes from the popular name of the grape variety, which is also called Băbeasca.

You’ll encounter “Soarele” (The Sun) on the blend of three grape varieties under the name Fetească Neagră. The symbol is frequently found on traditional shirts and rugs and represents power, wealth, and life.

The symbol of quarreling neighbors, expressed through two opposing spirals, is likewise a commonly seen ornament on traditional embroideries, and it has found its place on the bottle of one of Castel Mimi’s classic wines. We managed to create an unimaginable blend, formed from two grape varieties that repel each other – Fetească Neagră and Rara Neagră – but in the bottle Sfăditele, they found solace and even created an astonishing combination.

Castel Mimi encourages you to consume wine responsibly, but wherever you are in the world, be proud of your origins. Choose wines made from native grape varieties for your festive meals and become an ambassador for everything related to HOME, to MOLDOVA.


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