Significant 5.4 Billion Lei Increase in National Public Budget Revenues in First Half of Year

In the first 6 months of this year, the national public budget collected revenues totaling 47 billion lei, which is 5.4 billion more compared to the same period last year,” emphasized the Minister of Finance, Veronica Sirețeanu, during the presentation of the semi-annual budget execution report. She noted that during this period, expenditures amounted to over 54 billion lei.

“The most significant increases in the expenditure category were recorded in the areas of social protection, education, and general-purpose state services. The execution of the state budget in the first semester ended with a deficit, as previously mentioned, of 7.9 billion lei, which represents approximately 43% of the current year’s provisions. The main sources of financing for the deficit were a positive net financing from the issuance of state real estate securities on the primary market, as well as loans disbursed by external creditors. This report will be presented to Parliament for information,” Veronica Sirețeanu stated.

It should be noted that both revenues and expenditures of the state budget of the Republic of Moldova were increased by 1.4 billion lei each to stimulate the growth of the national economy, regional development, and the modernization of national infrastructure.


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