Castel Mimi is ready to showcase the tourist potential of Moldova to the officials attending the European Summit

Castel Mimi has completed its organizational preparations for the summit, which will take place in Bulboaca. These preparations have included a series of renovations, staff training, as well as the refinement of the skills of the chefs and sommeliers.

A special committee composed of wine experts from the European Union and the Republic of Moldova has been appointed to select the most renowned wines from Castel Mimi. These include famous wines from the Governor range, as well as the renowned Roșu de Bulboaca. Additionally, wines from the classic line, such as Sânzienele, have been included to offer guests a diverse and authentic experience.

Significant importance has also been given to preparing an exceptional menu to accompany these wines. The menu has been inspired by local tradition and tastes, with an emphasis on organic products from the Republic of Moldova.

Adrian Trofim, CEO of Castel Mimi, stated, "Through all our efforts, we desire that every moment spent here, every aroma and taste, be a journey into the authentic and refined culture and gastronomy of Moldova." 

Additionally, great attention has been given to the decor and arrangements that highlight the elegance of Castel Mimi, thereby conveying to the guests the symbiosis between tradition and modernity found in Moldova.

At the same time, the staff of Castel Mimi has been trained to provide all necessary support on the day of the event and to represent our country honorably.

Adrian Trofim, CEO of Castel Mimi, added, "During the preparations for welcoming the guests, we have placed special emphasis on training our staff. We have organized a series of courses and training sessions, focusing particularly on service protocols and behavior in such high-profile events. Our team has been meticulously prepared to ensure that every aspect of our services aligns with the highest standards of protocol." 

The historical monument in Bulboaca, Castel Mimi, is among the top 15 most beautiful wineries in the world, and the increased interest from tourists has contributed to its inclusion in the Wine Travel Award as the “calling card of Moldova.”

The hospitality and quality of service provided to guests at Castel Mimi have been appreciated by over 200,000 tourists from more than 80 countries who have come to discover this gem of European heritage.

Previously, Castel Mimi has been chosen as the venue for several internationally important forums, such as the UEFA gathering and the World Conference on Wine Tourism organized by the World Tourism Organization under the auspices of the UN, confirming its status as a host for large-scale events.

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