Celebrating the Legacy: Mircea Snegur’s Commemorative Events on RLIVE TV

RLIVE TV will have a special schedule on September 16, when the first president of the Republic of Moldova, Mircea Snegur, is laid to rest.

On Saturday morning, Realitatea television station will broadcast the last interview conducted by the Realitate press group with Mircea Snegur.

‘Under no circumstances should we consider that we were not born in the right country. The country is ours and is given to us by God,’ said Mircea Snegur during the ‘Bridges to Europe’ interview.

On September 16, RLIVE TV and rlive.md will also broadcast the funeral procession live:

At 10:00 AM, there will be a live broadcast from the procession at the Palace of the Republic. From there, the casket with the lifeless body of Mircea Snegur will be escorted to the Central Armenian Cemetery, where the first head of state of independent Moldova will rest in eternal sleep.

In the afternoon, RLIVE TV will air a documentary film from the personal archive of the Snegur family.

Mircea Snegur passed away on the evening of September 13. The former president of the country passed away after a long battle with an incurable disease.


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