Honoring Mircea Snegur: Proposal to Rename Chisinau International Airport

Vladimir Voronin suggests renaming Chișinău International Airport in honor of Mircea Snegur. According to him, the first President of the Republic of Moldova played an important role in “the formation of the independent Moldovan state.”

“Today, there is a discussion about whose name should be given to Chișinău International Airport. With all due respect to the list of candidates, I believe that Mircea Snegur’s personality, the historical mission he fulfilled, and his enormous role in shaping the independent Moldovan state make it possible, without competition, to immortalize his name in the name of our country’s main gateway,” Voronin said.

The message was included in the obituary sent by the communists and signed by Voronin, following Snegur’s death. Previously, there has been public discussion about renaming the airport in honor of the composer Eugen Doga.

Mircea Snegur passed away on the evening of September 13, 2023, after a long battle with an incurable illness. Citizens will be able to bid farewell to him starting on Friday at 6:00 PM at the Nativity of the Lord Metropolitan Cathedral in the center of the capital, and on Saturday morning, before the funeral procession, the coffin will be taken to the Palace of the Republic.


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