Cheers to EU Membership: Maia Sandu and Janis Mazeiks Celebrate from Presidential Square

An hour into the concert held in the Presidential Square, the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, accompanied by the EU Ambassador to Chisinau, Janis Mazeiks, expressed gratitude on the occasion of the commencement of accession negotiations with the EU, a historic decision made on December 14, 2023, by EU member states.

“I congratulate everyone who is eagerly awaiting our EU membership. On December 14, 2023, we took another important step. In the last three years, we have taken more steps than in the last 30. The door has been opened to us thanks to the hard work of all the good-hearted people in the country who have fought for the freedom and independence of the Republic of Moldova, in the streets and at the polls. Thanks to the EU member states for trusting us and helping us build a European state and face the challenges we encounter. I especially thank Romania, our advocate at every stage. I thank the public servants who have worked day and night in recent years and will have even more work in the years to come. I thank the civic-minded citizens who love this country, freedom, and understand that the future of the Republic of Moldova, peacefully, can only be in the European family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” declared Maia Sandu.

“I congratulate you with all my heart! Two years ago, it was a dream for many Moldovans, a desire that seemed distant and unattainable. Now we see that all EU member states agree that the future of the Republic of Moldova is in the EU. The decision to start accession negotiations was made on Thursday at the political level, based on the Commission’s report, which noted the progress of the Republic of Moldova in judicial reform, the fight against corruption, and the promotion of the rule of law. You have put in 120 percent effort to leave no doubt about Moldova’s firm will to join the EU. The decision reflects the determination of Moldovans and the EU’s commitment to fulfilling its promises. When it is clear that there will be national consensus. Moldova is Europe, Europe is Moldova,” continued Janis Mazeiks.


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