Chișinău Spotlight: National Geographic Features Moldova’s Capital in Global Showcase

An article about the city of Chișinău has been published in the pages of the famous National Geographic magazine. The printed version of the magazine is sold worldwide, mentioned the mayor of the capital, Ion Ceban, who made the announcement in this regard.

The article about Chișinău is also included in the printed version of the magazine, which is sold globally.

It is worth noting that on the international platform of National Geographic, the Republic of Moldova was visible for the first and last time in 2017, and the city of Chișinău was never mentioned as a sustainable, attractive, and captivating destination for international tourists.

The printing of the descriptive article dedicated to the city in this magazine allows readers to discover Chișinău as a new destination, sparking their interest in local gastronomy (food and wines), culture, and events, as well as visiting parks and recreational areas in Chișinău – sufficient attractions to satisfy the curiosity of tourists from around the world.

It is mentioned that ‘Promoting and publicizing Chișinău as a tourist destination’ is part of the objectives included in the Tourism Development Strategy for the period 2022-2026, ‘Chișinău – Touristic Capital,’ as stated in Ion Ceban’s message published on social media.


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