Cultural Independence: Minister Sergiu Prodan Advocates for Diverse Support Beyond State Funding

It is not right for the entire cultural life in Moldova to depend solely on the Ministry of Culture, and the cultural sector needs the support of the entire society and the private business environment. Such an opinion was expressed by the Minister of Culture, Sergiu Prodan, in an interview for

‘We cannot and it is not right for the entire cultural life to depend on the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry of Culture allocates funds – the event takes place; it does not allocate funds – the event does not take place. This is a wrong approach. Cultural life is the life of society; we need to support, stimulate, and help, but not create cultural life. This should be created by artists and cultural people who can act in the cultural field even from an economic point of view. This activity is related to tourism because events organized in a particular area should attract spectators not only from that area,’ he said.

Young people in the Republic of Moldova will benefit from Cultural Vouchers. The Minister of Culture said that there must be competition; it is a stimulus.

‘Then people understand that in this country, culture is not a beggar to whom more or less money is allocated (usually less), but an important part of our lives. Without culture, we cannot live, just as we cannot live without medicine and education. People will flee from areas where there is medicine and education, where there is economic activity but no culture,’ said Sergiu Prodan.”


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