Chișinău Youth Fest: Empowering Opportunities for the Next Generation

On Sunday, August 13, 2023, at 4:00 PM, in the Great National Assembly Square, the second edition of the event – “Chișinău Youth Fest” will take place. Thus, the youth of Chișinău are invited to join the Opportunities Fair, where they can participate in engaging workshops and explore the offerings presented by the Municipal Youth Centers, the Creative Centers for Youth and Children, as well as the Sports Schools in the city.

According to the City Hall, during the “Chișinău Youth Fest,” the launch of the mobile application “e-tineret” will take place, a digital platform dedicated to the youth, which will provide relevant and updated information about educational opportunities, cultural events, volunteer activities, and personal development programs.

Furthermore, the “Youth Year” Voucher will be launched, as well as a raffle with valuable prizes to reward the participants.

Additionally, a DJ battle will be held during the event, and the evening will culminate in a concert featuring performances by “The Motans,” Mohombi, and Lexter, who will heat up the atmosphere with impressive live performances.

The event is organized in the context of International Youth Day and aims to support the youth, provide opportunities, and involve them in activities across different fields of interest, allowing them to explore new skills and passions.


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