Exploring the Essence of European Television and Film: Traian Stoianov’s Journey at Monte-Carlo!

For the 62nd year, one of the most significant and long-standing events for recognizing European television, production companies, and digital platforms takes place in Monte-Carlo. This year’s edition was attended by Realitatea correspondent, Traian Stoianov, being the only journalist from the Republic of Moldova present at the event.

The Monte-Carlo Television Festival was established back in 1961 by Prince Rainier III of Monaco, rewarding the best international television productions. However, since 1988, the honorary president of the festival has been Albert II, the head of the Grimaldi House and the current ruler of the Principality of Monaco.

With his keen insights and captivating presence, Traian captures the event’s essence in a special episode of ‘Producers at Monte Carlo.’ Through this exclusive edition, Traian Stoianov reveals astonishing stories, emotions, and unexpected moments captured at the heart of this European television and film paradise.


From exclusive encounters with renowned producers and stars from both small and big screens, to behind-the-scenes glimpses of the award gala, Traian takes you on a unique journey. Join Traian as he unravels the story behind the glamour of Monte-Carlo, delves into the narrative behind the awards, and brings you a first-hand experience of the event.

Don’t miss the special edition of ‘Producers at Monte Carlo’ with Traian Stoianov, offering a glimpse into an experience reminiscent of truly memorable films. Show your enthusiasm and support by sharing this extraordinary episode on YouTube and Facebook!

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