Ciuca, the message of solidarity from Chisinau: “Romania is the most reliable partner”

On 1-2 March, Nicolae-Ionel Ciuca, the President of the Romanian Senate, will be visiting the Republic of Moldova. According to the visit’s agenda, the official will meet with Moldovan President Maia Sandu and Speaker of Parliament Igor Grosu.

While in Chisinau, Ciuca conveyed Romania’s support for Moldova.

“To our brothers and sisters on the other side of the Prut, I would like to send today, from Chisinau, a strong message of solidarity and support in this particularly complicated security context. Moldovan citizens are aware that Romania is their most trusted partner. We Liberals have and will continue our unconditional support for them. My thoughts are also with the hundreds of thousands of Moldovan citizens living in Romania who are worried about their families on the other side of the Prut. I want you to know that Romania cherishes the places where you were born just as much. The Republic of Moldova is currently on the path towards joining the European Union. It’s an independent and sovereign country, and it is the only one that must and can decide its own fate. I have faith that one day, not very far away, we will be together in the big European family,” says Ciuca’s message.


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