Maia Sandu about the Tiraspol’s events: Russian propaganda has had its effect and spread this scare

The Kremlin will continue to scare people in this election year, said head of state Maia Sandu on a Jurnal TV show. The president commented on the situation on the left bank of the Dniester River in recent days. To do something in Transnistria, the Russian Federation needs to change the leadership in Chisinau, Maia Sandu said. The official also said that the Ukrainian shield exists and the Kremlin cannot annex the territory on the left bank of the Dniester.

“Russian propaganda has had its effect and spread this scare. This is what the Kremlin is doing. It will continue to do so, especially since we have an election year, and that is to scare Moldovans. The Russian Federation, or rather the Kremlin, wants us to be scared, wants us to be without character, and wants us to be led by corrupt people so that they can get along with them by buying politicians as they have done for many years. We cannot allow them to do that. We must hold on to our peace. Our peace depends on our unity and our ability not to be deceived. We have wasted too much time. We must go our way of peace and well-being,” said Maia Sandu.


Recall that on Wednesday, Tiraspol gathered deputies across the self-proclaimed region and issued a resolution calling on Russia for “protection.” Later, Vitali Ignatiev pointed out in interviews with Russian media that the separatist authorities had asked Moscow for “diplomatic support” to solve their problems with Moldova.

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