US Congressman McCaul Warns of Regional Domino Effect: “Putin’s Potential Advance Beyond Ukraine Raises Alarms Across Moldova, Georgia, and the Baltic States”

In a stark announcement from the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has unequivocally stated that the United States will send troops to Europe to counter Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression. The warning comes with a clear message: without sustained military assistance to Ukraine to fend off Russia, the U.S. may be compelled to enter into a conflict.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a compelling caution to Congress this week, expressing that it is “highly likely” for American troops to be deployed to fight in Europe if additional support is not granted to Ukraine as reported by AmericanMilitaryNews.

President Joe Biden, delivering his sternest warning yet to congressional Republicans reluctant to approve more aid for Ukraine, conveyed a strong message. “Pay now or pay more later when you’re forced to send American troops to fight Russian soldiers when Russian President Vladimir Putin, feeling emboldened, moves his war into a NATO member country,” warned Biden.

The Biden administration has requested a substantial $106 billion in “emergency spending” for Ukraine. Biden emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, “Frankly, I think it’s astounding that we’ve come to this point in the first place. Congressional Republicans are willing to give Putin the greatest gift he could hope for and abandon our global leadership.”


Highlighting Ukraine’s resilience in resisting Russian aggression for nearly two years after the invasion of its western neighbor, Biden declared, “We can’t let Putin win.”

If the Russian leader succeeds in defeating Ukraine, there are fears he may continue his aggression, potentially targeting a NATO member country, triggering the Alliance’s security rule that calls for other NATO countries to come to its defense.

“If Putin takes Ukraine, he won’t stop there,” warned Biden. “We’ll have something we’re not looking for and don’t have today: American troops fighting Russian troops.”

The NATO Charter leaves the United States with no choice: if Putin shifts his war to, for example, Poland, NATO nations, including the U.S., would be duty-bound to intervene.

President of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul (R-Texas), echoed the sentiment, stating, “If Putin takes Ukraine, he will take Moldova, Georgia, and possibly the Baltic States. Then the idea that we will have to put troops on the ground, as Secretary Austin said, is very likely. That’s what we’re trying to avoid.”

McCaul emphasized that Austin’s warning demonstrates that assistance to Ukraine means more than aiding Kiev; it is about preserving trust within the NATO alliance. Failure to act, McCaul stated, would result in the loss of trust and confidence among NATO allies in the United States.

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