Cultural Tourism: The Driving Force Behind Moldova’s Tourism Potential

Since 2019, the Republic of Moldova has advanced by 4 points in global tourism development ratings. Andrei Chistol, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Culture, described this growth as modest because our country lacks large corporations that would attract a significant number of tourists. However, according to the official, domestic tourism operators currently offer advantageous deals and relatively sufficient accommodation options.

“The prices in the Republic of Moldova are quite good compared to countries in the region. Only in Macedonia and Bosnia is it cheaper to live than in the Republic of Moldova. This is an important indicator when it comes to those tourists who come here for much longer periods,” said Andrei Chistol.

Corina Timofti, the President of the National Association for Receptive and Internal Tourism, believes that the Republic of Moldova will become more visible in the international tourism market by leveraging its domestic potential.

“We can become attractive only by joining forces, creating an attractive, complex, different, and creative national product, thus increasing our visibility on the international stage,” noted Corina Timofti.

Sergiu Prodan, the Minister of Culture, states that what could attract more foreign tourists is the organization of cultural events where traditions, customs, and local products could be promoted.


“Cultural tourism remains the potential locomotive of tourism in the Republic of Moldova. What can we offer? A combination, a short but extremely impressive experience in which our hospitality and the wine industry, exceptional cuisine, and cultural events will be found,” Minister Sergiu Prodan pointed out.

It is worth noting that the revenue from sales in the tourism sector in the Republic of Moldova in 2022 accounted for 3.3% of the Gross Domestic Product, which is 0.7% more than in 2021. In 2020, during the pandemic, tourism sales were only 1.5%.

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