Dendrarium Park Marks 50th Anniversary: Founded in 1973 on the Former Botanical Garden Site

Dendrarium Park was founded in 1973 on the site of the former Botanical Garden. Initially, it covered an area of 73 hectares, which was later expanded to 83 hectares. Today, the park is home to over a thousand plant species, representing the majority of the flora found in the Republic of Moldova.

Located in the western part of Chișinău, in the valley of the Durlești stream, Dendrarium Park boasts a collection of plants from all around the world. The park is protected by the state and has the status of an institution with scientific and socio-cultural activities, under the jurisdiction of the Chișinău Municipal Council.

The Transformation from Botanical Garden to Dendrarium Park

According to Ziarul Național, at the end of 1972, a new territory was assigned to the Botanical Garden, and in its place, Dendrarium Park was created. The Botanical Garden was established in 1950, and during this period, scientific research on Moldovan flora was conducted for the first time. The first Republican herbarium was created, and the planting of trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants began according to the Garden’s plan, developed by the architect of the Botanical Garden at the USSR Academy of Sciences, L. E. Rozenberg.

Due to these reasons, by a special resolution of the Council of Ministers on March 19, 1973, Dendrarium Park was created on the former territory of the Botanical Garden. It was entrusted with the tasks of preserving, caring for, and arranging plant collections, as well as studying, highlighting, propagating, and implementing new decorative species and varieties of trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants for the creation of green spaces.


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