Digital Revolution in Education: E-Gradinița Ungheni Takes Enrolment Process to Another Level

A new chapter in preschool education in Ungheni begins with the launch of the online platform, an innovative project implemented by the Civic Education Association “The Future Starts Today.” The project will be launched in early 2024. Thus, parents in Ungheni will soon have access to a modern and efficient service for enrolling children in kindergartens, simplifying the process and bringing a healthy dose of technology into the educational system.

A New Era in Kindergarten Enrolment

Until recently, the kindergarten enrollment process was often perceived as a bureaucratic maze, causing stress and confusion for parents. With the launch of the online platform E-Gradinița Ungheni, this perception is radically changing.

Parents can now access the website and go through a simplified registration procedure in just a few steps. From authorization and choosing the desired institution to submitting the application and checking the results, the process becomes faster and more accessible for everybody.

Benefits for Parents and Kindergarten Directors

One of the great benefits of this platform is that it makes the work of kindergarten directors easier and eliminates possible corruption risks. They confirm that the digitized process increases efficiency and facilitates communication with parents. In addition, parents have the freedom to choose the preschool institution according to where they live without having to be physically present in the institution.


Digital Access to Education project

The launch of this platform is part of the project “Digital Access to Education in mun. Ungheni,” developed and implemented by the Civic Education Association “The Future Starts Today.” The project is financially supported by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and implemented by the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ).

The main goal of this project is to digitalize the online registration service in kindergartens in Ungheni municipality. This will contribute to the modernization and efficiency of the educational system.

Priority for Various Categories of Children

The online platform also provides a fair prioritization system for enrolling children in kindergarten. Children educated by a single parent, those with disabilities, or those from families with more than one child are given priority, highlighting a commitment to inclusion and equality.

The platform also has a detailed question and answer section, providing parents with clear and accessible information about the enrolment process. From the application process to the possible reasons for refusal, everything is presented in a transparent and easy-to-understand way.

E-Gradinița Ungheni – An Investment in Education

E-Gradinița Ungheni brings with it not only a simple online platform. It is a significant investment in the educational future of children in Ungheni. Digitization of educational services simplifies administrative processes and opens new horizons for modern, efficient, and equitable education. It is an essential step towards an education system adapted to the needs and expectations of contemporary society.

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