Discover the “Stone Age” and Brănești Winery: A Journey into History and Wine

Brănești Winery

Brănești Winery is located in an old limestone mine, with galleries stretching over a distance of 75 km and covering an area of 75 hectares.

The entire architecture is built at a depth of 60 meters, which facilitates the maintenance of a constant temperature of 12-14 degrees Celsius throughout the year, as well as a humidity level of 90-92%. These natural conditions are complemented by the expertise of the people who transform grapes into a divine nectar. The winery has approximately 800 hectares of vineyards situated in a beautiful forested area, on the slopes of Orheiul Vechi, as well as in the villages of Romanești and Tudora.

Brănești Cellars produce white and red wines, sparkling wines, dry, semi-dry, and dessert wines. Particularly esteemed are the collectible wines, as well as wines produced using special techniques, such as Madera, Marsala, and pastoral wine.

The majority of the wine production is exported to China, USA, Poland, Germany, Romania, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the Baltic countries, and others.

We have set out to develop wine tourism and bring something new to the market. Soon, the first underground hotel in the Republic of Moldova will be ready. The "Stone Age" tourist complex of Brănești Winery is unique in its own way, starting from its geographical location, the design of the galleries, the shapes of the rooms, and ending with the indescribable atmosphere. We aim to offer tourists the opportunity to experience cave living as it was in the Stone Age, with subtle modern interventions.

The “Stone Age”

The “Epoca de piatră” tourist complex of Brănești Winery is opening its doors to visitors. Tourists will have the opportunity to explore the underground galleries, taste wine in specially designed tasting rooms, rent wine storage rooms, participate in cultural events organized in the complex’s auditorium, and experience life in the Stone Age. Soon, the hotel rooms, SPA area, and the “Stone Age” restaurant will also be ready. In these areas, there will be no internet access or telecommunications, allowing tourists to fully savor cave living, far away from the noise of civilization and daily worries (mobile phone connectivity is available at the entrance to the complex).

Located in the village of Brănești, Orhei District, in close proximity to Orheiul Vechi (just 5 km away), 20 km from Orhei, and 50 km from Chișinău, we are easily accessible. We invite all tourists to visit the tourist complex of Brănești Winery and create beautiful memories in the “Stone Age” setting.


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