(DOC) Eugenia Gutsul’s revenues were collected from birthday and anniversary gifts. Relatives donated tens of thousands of euros

The governor of Gagauzia seems to have generous relatives. In 2023, Eugenia Gutsul received hundreds of thousands of lei and tens of thousands of euros at family events.

According to the statement, on her birthday the Bashkan received 150,000 lei, and her relatives – 7000 euros and 7000 thousand lei. At the christening, Eugenia Gutsul’s family collected 11,200 euros, and 48,000 lei was the alimony paid by her ex-husband for the child.

From donations and inheritances, Gutsul collected 5500 euros.

In terms of salary, the governor of the autonomy declared a salary of over 147,000 lei from the Executive Committee of Gagauzia, while her husband received a salary of 20,000 lei.


The value of the 47-square-meter apartment is around 300,000 lei, and the Bashkan’s family also owns two cars. These are a 2016 Volkswagen worth 50,000 lei and a 2010 Mercedes worth 10,000 lei. Both were purchased in 2021.

Declarație Evghenia Guțul by Realitatea.md

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