Iohannis, from Brussels: The security of Moldova means the security of the European area

According to Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, the security of Moldova is crucial for the security of the European space. The statements were made ahead of today’s European Council meeting.

According to the news. ro, the leader from Cotroceni emphasized his commitment to providing support for Ukraine. According to him, the Republic of Moldova requires European support due to the unprecedented hybrid threats it is facing in the lead-up to the elections.

“It should be noted that the Republic of Moldova is currently experiencing a challenging pre-election period and is encountering hybrid, and even unprecedented, threats. It is essential to support the security of the Republic of Moldova, as it is crucial for the security of the European area,” said Iohannis.


The leader in Bucharest stated that, after Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova is the state most affected by Russia’s aggression. According to him, our country is facing a growing number of problems and requires the support of Europe.

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