Donation of hundreds of millions € for energy and refugees

The European Union will donate hundreds of millions of euros to solve the energy crisis and refugee problems. Emmanuel Macron made the statement within the Support Platform for Moldova.

According to the French president, our country will receive 100 million euros to provide Ukrainian refugees with food and to be able to offer them opportunities to study. Another 26 million is granted for the business sector.

Almost 90 million euros will be directed to the energy sector. Two million are earmarked for reforms in the sector, and another 85 – for actual energy resources.

“Abandoning Moldova is equal to deciding that Europe is no longer faithful to its vocation. The commitments we have assumed show that this is not the case, that Europe remains in solidarity with the Republic of Moldova”, declared Macron.


The French president reiterated the idea that our country is the target of a hybrid war. At the same time, Macron declared his admiration for the generosity of the Moldovans, who mobilized to help the Ukrainian refugees.

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