Donations of around £60,000 for the needy in Moldova. Unique campaign organised by a foundation

The representative of a charity in the UK has conducted a unique fundraising campaign to help Moldova, but also Ukraine. It is about Chris Lomas, the president of Hope4 Foundation, who has been living in Chisinau for several years and who has distinguished himself through his charitable actions, organized over time, in support of Moldovan citizens, but also of Ukrainian citizens, especially after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, writes “ziua. md.”

This time, Chris Lomas managed to mobilize thousands of donors after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. The idea emerged back in May last year and was launched by Lea Turner, a board member of the Hope4 Foundation, a prominent trainer and influencer on LinkedIn. In a short time, 25 people from the UK, Europe, and the US responded to the challenge, including Hope4’s CEO, Chris Lomas, and the general manager of the Moldova office, Ivan Ivancev.

Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania and is the highest mountain range in Africa, measuring 5,895 meters above sea level. It is estimated that around 35,000 people try to climb the mountain each year and only about half of them succeed. The biggest risk for those who venture on such a journey is altitude sickness.

On 19 January 2024, the Hope4 team began the 5-day ascent to Uhuru Peak and flew the flag of the Republic of Moldova.

“Climbing Kilimanjaro is the hardest thing I’ve ever done! But the idea of giving up was by no means an option,” said Chris Lomas, Hope4 Foundation leader.


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